Escaba Dam

It means “place where waters meet” in Quechua language. The colours of the sky and the dam mix. Tourists will live once in a life experience at this stunning landscape of fertile lands in contrast between green thick vegetation of the hills and the blue water surface.

From Alberdi, after 20 km of pavement road, the beginning of the gorge is there. The path is muddy, but the adventure will make tourists want to come back to Escaba.

The dam was built between 1943 and 1950. Its aim was to produce electrical energy, mitigate Marapa and Singuil river flows and control them for watering. Besides, it is a very important tourist attraction.

The concrete wall is almost 100 m tall. That is why this is a spectacular landmark for those who visit it. Inside the arches, there is one of the biggest bat reserves in Latin America, which contributes to the ecological equilibrium of the place.

Another must-see place is El Divisadero, an extraordinary spot which is only acceded by horse-riding, or the Cascade which is two-hour walk. It also offers stunning landscapes.