In Quechua language (native aboriginal language)Famaillá means “town of the mother light”. It is located at 36 km (22,5 miles) from San Miguel de Tucumán and its access is through National Road Nº 38. Famaillá offers the opportunity to walk around the main square surrounded by a beautiful landscape bound with fertile lands and ancient sugar factories.

This hard-working town became well-known through the whole country. Its acknowledgement was due to its legendary “empanadas” preparation.  They are a kind of pastries stuffed generally with chicken or meat. The National Empanada Fest is held on September. In this event, old-hand cooks prepare these well-known products with unmistaken flavour in traditional clay ovens. A jury closely related to folk and cuisine, awards prizes and chooses the empanada cook of the year.
Visitors will be able to find hotels and gastronomic establishments where they will taste traditional dishes from the province.

Famaillá also offers a historic theme park with replicas of the 1810 Cabildo (town council) where they can taste the traditional dishes from the region, the Independence Historic House and the Sugar Industry Museum. There is also a municipal swimming pool to spend the day outdoors. Besides, this place includes a Jurassic Park with sculptures which represent the different prehistoric periods. The swimming pool is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.