El Mollar

Peace and calm are breathed here. El Mollar is located at 100 km (62,5 miles) from San Miguel de Tucumán and some kilometers near Tafí del Valle.  Surrounded by beautiful landscapes with the mountains and La Angostura dam as witnesses, this touristic village rises in a privileged location near Ñuñorco Hill. Being the highest of Argentina with 800 hectare long, the dike is appropriate for water sports or fishing of sand melt, perch and trout.

From the Capital of Tucumán, it is possible to access to this stunning place through National Road Nº38 or Provincial Road Nº301 and in Acheral, take the Provincial Road Nº307. Through the mountains, different landscapes are presented in the Garden of the Republic.

Archaeological remains from the Calchaquí culture are spread around the town giving certain charm.  Tourists will be able to visit Los Menhiners Archaeological Reserve in order to appreciate monoliths which have inspired archaeologists and historians. They were carved with zoomorphic and human faces figures. Besides, they are estimated to be approximately 2500 years old. This Reserve is located just in front of the main square of the town.

Those who would like to visit it at the end of January will be able to appreciate the traditional National Vegetable Fest in which orchids and The Mother Earth are honoured. During this time, the summer village is bustling with young people who want to have fun with friends due to the wide variety of night clubs and camping sites nearby.

Tourist will be able to camp, trekking, horse riding and choose different hotels and enjoy a regional first hand cousin as well as the Astronomic Observatory called “El Potrerillo”, another must in El Mollar.