Another stunning place through Calchaqui Valleys in the north of Argentina is Ampimpa town. It is located 2500 m above sea level. This picturesque town from Tucumán is well-known for its clear sky, useful especially for astronomic observations. When it comes to its weather, it is considered one of the best because the sun shines during 360 days.
It is possible to get there from Amaicha del Valle, which is the closest town, through Provincial Road Nº 307. The journey is only 10 km long.

One particular feature of this small town is that it is made up of approximately 100 families, descendant of native aboriginal Diaguitas-Calchaquies people. Their main economic activities are agriculture, cheese manufacture and handcraft products. Foot-pressed wine is also a unique product from the area, given the fact that it is not produced in another part of the province. 
The most iconic place in Ampimpa is, without any doubt, its Astronomic Observatory. “A window to the universe” is read on a sign at the entrance. This place invites to live a unique tourist experience. The sun or the moon can be seen closer due to a telescope which reflects the image on a white screen. Either children or adults are welcome. This is a great opportunity for children to learn about astronomy.

Around 80% of the Observatory activities are related to educational purposes. Professionals teach children thousands of curious details about the solar and lunar system. It is highly recommended to spend at least one night there in order to appreciate night observations and being part of a unique experience during this journey. Guided tours are carried out daily.
In order to book your visit, you can call +54-9-381 156092286