Colalao del Valle

This town is characterized by a particular charm, its friendly people, and the calm and peace that surround it. It is located at 196 km (123 miles) from San Miguel de Tucumán. This destination looks like it was stuck on time.  From Amaicha del Valle, the nearest town, Provincial Road Nº 307 should be taken in order to go on along the National Road Nº 40. After approximately 20 km (13 miles), tourists will get to this magnificent place.

The sun shines and the weather conditions are optimum during the whole year. That is why it is possible to enjoy this place without any restrictions.

The architectural and environmental preservation as well as its peaceful surroundings allow this place to compete with other tourist destinations which have become in cities and could not stay away from modern life.

Some activities to bear in mind in this destination include trekking, mountain bike, winery tour and horse-riding. To find out more, click on THE WINE ROAD.

In January, there is a ceremony held in the area in order to honour “Los Antigales”. It is an ancient ritual related to ancestral towns. There are handcraft expositions, regional drink and food stands, typical “gaucho” parades, “topamientos” (an especial celebration in the north of Argentina during carnival season in order to commemorate friendships. In these occasions, people throw each other flour and pieces of paper) and finally creole skill activities.

“Ponchi” Fest is held every July. It is a popular drink made of milk, moonshine, sugar, cinnamon and scramble eggs. This celebration is full of customs, dances and drinks.

Visitors will be able to find community tourist accommodations (inhabitants’ houses available for renting) which will let them enjoy this place with rich archaeological remains and learn about the traditions and culture of local people.