Talapazo is a small village located at 7 km (4½ miles) to the west of National Route Nº40 at Calchaquies Valley. Its entrance is on the road at 26 km (16 ½ miles) from Amaicha del Valle and at 6 km (3 miles) approximately to the south of Colalao del Valle.

Around 24 families live in this village. They grow potatoes, pumpkins, locus trees and an incredible variety of healing herbs which grow naturally in the area. Goats and sheep are also raised. The community tourist accommodations have begun recently. Thus, visitors will be able to be part of the everyday life of the town, such as milk goats, take care of the breeding animals and produce jams and wine. The village has a capacity for 24 people. There is a kind of hut where typical foods are prepared. It is highly recommendable to book in order to have enough food because tourists are not very usual.

One of the unmissable places is the archeological site. It is located at 200 m away of the entrance of the village. There it is possible to observe vessels, pots, mortars and stone walls.

Visitors can go trekking through el Circuito de la Mina (the mine path) where precious stones were taken out until the year 2000.
In this village, a delicious wine is produced. It is called “El Coplero” (it means “a person who sings folk songs).

Dwellers invite tourists to learn their customs by shearing a traditional breakfast, doing outdoor activities and experiencing their particular lifestyles. For example, in this village, inhabitants barter to interchange products and everybody cooperate for the common good.