Only at 73 km from San Miguel de Tucumán, through National Route Nº9, Trancas is one of the most historical towns. Tourists will visit a town that was a strategic point for the defense of the north during independence times.

In the beginnings, the town was located in a place that is called nowadays as “Villa Vieja de Trancas” (Trancas Old Village), but in the 1900’s the arrival of railways made the town move to the current position.

There are amazing tourist attractions at this town. There is a Sacred Heart Temple at the Old Village. Its walls witnessed the execution of Bernabé Araoz , first governor of Tucumán, and the baptism of the famous sculptress Lola Mora.

Only 6 km to the north of Trancas, “El Pozo del Pescado” (The fish well) is located. This is considered a miracle fountain which honors the moment when San Francisco Solano was in this place.

There is a wide variety of accommodation and typical restaurants in the current place of the town. 

The Provincial Horse Fest is held every year in October and it is considered a must for visitors. Tourists will enjoy herd parades, tame, rope games and the election of the best gaucho and the wittiest among other activities. Besides, there are national and local folk music shows.