This is an ideal place to go on trekking or horse riding under the warm sun in a beautiful landscape surrounded by hills. Hualinchay is located at 18 km from San Pedro de Colalao, which is the nearest summer village. It is possible to access through the Provincial Route Nº 352.

This stunning place is tranquil which allow tourists to forget time and get away from the daily routine. There you will hear just the noises from nature, like the sound along the way of Tacanas River.

One of the most famous landmarks is the camping site. It has a mountain-water pool. That is why, this implies the perfect relax.

From this village, there is a new road which connects it with Colalao del Valle. This journey offers a unique landscape. The tourists that travel over here fall in love immediately with it. It is highly recommendable to ask the conditions of the road and to be careful during the journey. Bear in mind this is a sinuous path.