Independence Square

This square is the main public place because it is considered the heart of the city. It is located among 25 de Mayo, San martin, Laprida, and 24 de Septiembre streets. There are several typical examples of the vegetation in Tucumán, such as, Lapacho, Laurel, Tarcos, Ibira Pita and double-lined orange trees around the square. 

This place was built during colonial era in order to be home to governmental buildings and the Cathedral. However, it became in a must tourist attraction. Nowadays, it is surrounded by bars and museums with their historical physiognomy. There are also a wide variety of buildings with different architectural styles. As a result, they all provide a particular characteristic of the square.

Its hallmark is the Statue of Liberty in the middle of the square. It was created by Lola Mora, a famous sculptor from Tucumán. A former president, Julio Argentino Roca, asked her to do it. The statue was placed there for the centenary of the national independence. It was inspired by Victoria de Samotracia sculptural model. The statue is a woman covered with clothes which fly with the wind and she is breaking the chains as a symbol of liberty. Besides, there is a fountain which dates from XIX century.