Cathedral Church

One of the three oldest churches in Argentina is located in 24 de Septiembre and Congreso streets, just in front of the Independence Square. The Cathedral of Tucumán is an icon which encloses great part of the history of the province.

This Cathedral was built during San Miguel de Tucumán final foundation in 1685. First, it was a humble sun-dried brick building with apex ceiling. Later, Pedro Dalgare Echeverri, a French Architect, was in charge of the restoration at the beginning of the XIX century. He gave it the neoclassic style which it still maintains. Its towers are crowded with cupolas and one of them has the oldest Hall Town clock of Tucumán.

It is noteworthy that the Cathedral has still preserved the wooden cross since its foundation. Remains of two remarkable icons of Argentine History rest there in urns. They were the General Gregorio Aráoz de Lamadrid and the Bishop Eusebio Colombres.