The city of Lules presents huge industrial activities with paper factories, food processor, building, clothes, metallurgist and chemical materials. The most remarkable in the area, due to the weather conditions, is the strawberry farming.

Ruins of Lules are only 2 km (1 ½ miles) from Lules towards north on the Provincial Route nº 311. They are a proof of the Spanish conquest or colonization. The current building has an enormous meaning because it was the first public school of the whole country. It was declared Provincial Monument by the Chamber of Deputies in 1944 due to its high historical context. However, José María Paz who is in charge of the Local Sugar Centre managed to make this building be declared National Historic Monument due to the first Jesuit priests planted the sugar cane for own consumption for the first time in Tucumán.

Through the left border of Lules River, it is possible to access to “La Quebrada de Lules” where the perfect spot is for nature lovers. Some activities included are trekking and horse-riding surrounded by local flora and fauna.