This town is well-known as “The Pearl of the South” and it is the second most important town of the province. It is located at 72 km at the South of San Miguel de Tucumán at 370 m above sea level. In order to access here, National Route Nº 38 has to be taken either north or south. Meanwhile, if the tourists come from east, they should take Provincial Route Nº329. Finally, Provincial Route Nº365 is connected to the town from west.

Concepción is hectic due to its economic characteristics. It owns a huge infrastructure of facilities and that is why it stands out in the south circuit. Agricultural activity is the main source of resources for its inhabitants who grow sugar cane, potatoes and vegetables.

The main square is called Mitre Square. It was created in June in 1901. This neuralgic spot is the social and cultural centre of the town. There is even a band which performed every Sundays as an ancestral rite.

Nasif Estéfano Automobile Museum surprises and captives those who visited it in this town. Trophies, photographs and newspapers from the whole country are exhibited. There are also helmets, outfits and other competition equipments. Among the treasures, it is possible to find “caliph”, the car Nasif drove and it is in perfect conditions.

In this town, there are banks and universities, a wide range of facilities, shops and an important nightlife in order to spend a perfect stay.