The Craftsman Route

The Craftsman Route is a cultural and touristic product which invites you to get familiar with the main tourist and leisure attractions in our province.
This tour consists of different handicrafts workshops in Tafí and Amaicha del Valle.  They will allow you to discover the essence of Calchaqui Valleys.  Along this route, tourists will be able to meet local people, landscapes, history and customs.

Tourists will be guided by different signs to each handicrafts workshop. Besides, tourist information centre will provide leaflets with specific directions, telephone numbers and suitable schedule. 

The Craftsman Route portrays a wide variety of manufacturing processes and gives the opportunity to purchase unique craftworks. Raw material is used for utilitarian and decorative products; such as knitting, pottery, carved stone, leather and wooden combined works, among others. Each of them is manually produced with self-production tools and working processes which were bequeathed from generation to generation.  Those products which have the Craftsman Route label are specials and unique.

Tourists will be able to live the culture, share customs and listen to stories of local people.  Without any doubt, this will be once in a lifetime experience.

Traditional techniques were revived and the craftsmen were appreciated because of this tour.   Nowadays, many craftsmen sell their products as their main source of incomes. Due to tourist visits, craftsmen are able to support their families.