Nicolás Avellaneda Museum

It is located at 56 Congreso Street. This ancient huge house is also known as Provincial Historical Museum. It was built between 1836 and 1837 by the French Architect Pedro Etcheberry and it was the governor, José Manuel Silva’s residency. His grandchild, Nicolás Avellaneda, was born there. He would be the president of Argentina between 1874 and 1880.  Besides, it is one of the fewest buildings which remain the same. Its style changed from baroque to neoclassic. It was basically a simple architecture focused on the bars in the balconies. There is an important curving Quebracho tree stairs which connects with the upper floor.  People would call it “The house with one hundred doors”. This was the place for numerous social and political events and it was declared National Historical Museum in 1941.

This house has been recognized as Nicolás Avellaneda Provincial Historical Museum since 1976. There are eleven rooms that exhibit the history of Tucumán from the first foundation in Ibatín in 1565 and its current place in La Toma (1685) until the later social, political and economical development. The exhibition includes jars, weapons, clothes, documents, earthenware bowl, and agriculture tools, among others.

Another important element in the exhibition is Lola Mora’s legacy. She was a well-known artist from Tucumán. She drew with charcoal 25 governors who were part of the local and national politics.

Address: 56 Congreso Street - San Miguel de Tucumán

Telephone: +54-9-381-4311039