Virgin Of Mercy Minor Basilica

It is also known as Victoria Parish. Located in the intersection of 24 de Septiembre and Virgen de la Merced streets, it is the second temple created since San Miguel de Tucumán was established.
First, it was a humble chapel which had to be closed due to its poor condition. In 1834, a new temple was built next to the previous one. In 1916, it was close down because the building was not sure. Twenty six years later, it was demolished in order to start a new structure which nowadays is known as Virgin of Mercy Church.

It is characterized by a neo-colonial style. The harmonious inside portrays its history. The basilica niche was declared Historical National Monument. It preserves the statue of Our Lady of Mercy, proclaimed Major General of the Argentinean armed-forces by Manuel Belgrano. He was also a Major General in charge of the North Armed-Forces. He appealed to the Lady before facing the Realist Army in Las Carreras field (current Belgrano Square) on September 24th in 1812. After the victory, he gave the baton to the Lady and honoured her turning the temple in Victoria Parish. Since then, memorials to pay homage and multitudinous processions have been held every year on that date. The baton with golden handle is kept in the basilica.

Address: 253, 24 de Setiembre Street –San Miguel de Tucumán

Telephone: +54-9-381-4215965