San Francisco Church And Monastery

It used to belong to Jesuits, later it was part of the Dominican priests. Finally, it became Franciscan Order. It is located in the corner of 25 de Mayo and San Martín Streets. This is another important visit in the historical city tour. Tourists will be surprised by the enormous historical content it has inside. It was there where many congressmen stayed in 1816, the year when the Argentine Independence Declaration was signed. Besides, Manuel Belgrano and San Martin’s military troops stayed there.

The church was declared National Historical Monument in 1964. The monastery opened in 1902 above the old Jesuits school was also declared National Historical Monument in 1989.

This church preserves very important relics, for instance, the first national flag introduced in the north of Argentina, sofas which congressmen used in 1816, items of Armed forced members in the North and in los Andes, and hundreds of precious objects.