Historical Independence House

This is one of the most honourable monuments in Argentina. The national Independence was signed here in July 9th in 1816.

It is located in the heart of the city. This building dated from the late XVIII century belonged to Francisca Bazán de Laguna. Without any doubt, this is one of the most important historical monuments in Argentina.

Through the years, this building has undergone demolitions and redevelopments. The only original sector is The Oath Room. The house was declared National Historical Monument in 1941. It was rebuilt in 1943 by the architect Mario José Buschiazzo. Since then, it is known as the Argentine Independence Museum.

The museum heritage consists of items from colonial era, independence wars and from XIX century. The main purpose of the museum is to communicate the historical process which resulted in the declaration of the current Republic of Argentina. Permanent exhibitions include: Colonial Era, Tucumán in Colonial times, Revolutions and Independece Wars, House’s history, Creole Cattery, The congress of Tucumán, 1816 congressmen, and the Oath of Independence Room.

There are different species of trees and plants in the two patios, for example, milky jasmine plant, myrtles, Paraguayan Jasmine, pink Lapacho trees, among others.

Soldiers from Argentine armed forces dressed in historical mountain uniforms from the ten infantry regiment general lieutenant Racedo can be appreciated. These soldiers are Historical House Guards because of the National Law Nº 24024.

The museum owns bilingual staff, a public library, educational workshops, a photographic library and a file room in which schedule should be consulted on the front desk. There is also a souvenir shop with handcrafts and mementos of the province.

An audio-visual show called “Lights and Sounds of Independence” is a must-see on this museum. It portrays the historical process of the basis which resulted on the declaration of the Nation Independence. The performance will take tourists through the house telling the story of those times and projecting images inside the museum.

Address: 151 Congreso Streets - San Miguel de Tucumán

Telephone: +54-9-381-4310826