House of Belgrano

This building is a recreation of the house where Gral Manuel Belgrano used to live. He ordered to build the original one in 1816 and stayed there until a couple of months before he passed away.
The current house is located on Bernabé Aráoz and Bolivar Streets. It was built in the original size with thatched roofs and similar materials from those times. The inside furniture, for instance the cot and the chairs were also recreated to represent the original ones. The house has the minimally necessary spaces in order to live in a simply and austere way. There is a water cistern on the patio together with a vegetable garden as home supply.

In the rooms, there are touch screens and posters with important information. In one of the rooms, films and documentaries are projected. Besides, there is a small clay dolls exhibition which portrays the arm-forces.  Finally, old school books are exhibited which illustrate Belgrano’s achievement.

Telephone: +54-9-381-4207909