9 De Julio Park (July 9th Park)

This park is the main green area in the Capital of Tucumán. It is also known as “the lung of the city”. It is located among Avenida de los Próceres, Avenida Benjamín Aráoz, Avenida Gobernador del Campo and Avenida Coronel Suárez. Carlos Thays designed it with an oval shape and it was founded in order to celebrate de centenary of the Independence in 1916.

Several species of trees and different shades of green make this park unique. Many monuments, a floral clock, a light fountain, San Miguel Lake, notorious bars and restaurants are some important landmarks in the park. Besides, there are health tracks, playgrounds and a rose garden whose perfume invades the air.

The Sugar Cane Museum, Colombres Bishop’s House is a must-see. Jesuits grew sugar cane for the first time in the province. However, after their expulsion, it was Colombres Bishop who decided to resume the practice on this place.

The enormous house was built in 1800’s. Eusebio Colobres Bishop used to live there. The house represents a clear example of typical colonial houses on the late XVIII century.  Nowadays, this museum preserves many bishop’s belongings. Outside, there is a wooden sugar mill which the old factories used to work with sugar. Without any doubt, this is a historical icon of our culture. It was declared National Historical Monument in 1941.