Miguel Lillo Foundation. Natural Science Museum

Tourists will be able to submerge in a wonderful natural environment nearby the city.

Miguel Lillo (1862-1931) was a naturalist from Tucumán. He dedicated his whole life to study physics, natural and exact sciences. The museum was named after him because, in 1930, he gave his property, his library, his botanical and zoological collections and money to the University. As a result, the foundation was created as the academic support for both the institution and the museum.

There are two main rooms in the museum. They are related to biology, geology and paleontology.  The permanent exhibition preserves minerals and fossils from “The Ice Age”. Besides, there are Northern Argentine elements. On the contrary, the temporal exhibition includes Argentine and African fauna and a wide variety of insects.

The museum is complemented with an open-air exhibition which is the botanical garden of the institution. With more than 80 local species of the north of Argentina, Tucumano-Bolivian jungles are represented. It has been part of the “Botanical Garden Argentine Net” since 1998. Many important scientific gardens from the whole country are part of it.

Address: 251 Miguel Lillo Street- San Miguel de Tucumán

Telephone: +54-9-381-4234127