Batiruana Village

This mountainous spot is located at La Cocha district at 126 km (78½ miles) from the Capital of the province. In order to arrive here from San Miguel de Tucuman, National Route Nº 38 should be taken until Juan Bautista Alberdi, located around 110 km away(68½ miles). Then, take the Provincial Road Nº308 up to Batiruana Village, located at 16 km (9 ½ miles) from the previous town.

This is a hydroelectric complex, which together with some houses form the campsite. Those houses were built for workers, in order to live there while they were doing Escaba dam. In the middle 90’s, when the project was ended they were abandoned till some years ago, that the recovery project began.

Nowadays, Batiruana has not only food services, but also adventure tourist activities, facilities and handcraft shops, especially during high seasons.

In this place with unique landscapes, nature invites tourists to relax and rest.