San Pablo

Tourists will be absorbed by the history of Tucumán due to the sugar factory of this town was one of the most outstanding of the province. Bear in mind that Tucumán is still the first sugar producer in Argentina. That is why this circuit is a must.

Tourists will find in the walls of the ancient factory thousands of anecdotes which witnessed when the first railway came. This brought incredible changes in the factories. Adopting steam engine machines, 500 tonnes were produced per year. In 2007, this sugar factory became the San Pablo T University, the first private secular university in the northwest of Argentina and the first University which opened in the twenty first century.  It offers a wide variety of study careers, such as, accountancy, law, treasury, industrial design and post graduate courses, for instance, organizational coaching, sugar cane specialization, labor law.

In order to go to San Pablo from San Miguel de Tucunán, there are two options. The first one is along the Provincial Road Nº 301. The other is through Yerba Buena. Go along Aconquija Avenue. Then, take Solano Vera Avenue and finally National Road Nº 338.