Villa Nougues

This village is chosen by tourists during the whole year. Villa Nougués is an unforgettable journey, characterized by a perfect mix of exquisite architecture and green hills covered with vegetation.

Villa Nougués was one of the first villages in the province. It was created in 1899, when an engineer called Luis F. Nougués built his summer house there. He was an important sugar businessman. Later, he was the governor of the province.  

This picturesque summer village is located at 24 km (15 miles) from San Miguel de Tucumán and at 1350 metres above sea level. It is possible to visit it by car, by bike, on a horse or on foot.

Its weather is exceptional with warm summers and chilly winters. Temperatures are moderate in both seasons. This let the tourist to enjoy this place.

In order to go to Villa Nougués, there are two options. The first consists on going from the capital towards Yerba Buena until the final roundabout, “El Corte”. Provincial Route Nº340 begins there. It is 12 km long and it is mountainous territory. After that, it finishes in San Javier with the Provincial Road Nº338 division. Tourists have to turn to the south and travel around 10 km more to get to Villa Nougués. 

The other option is from Yerba Buena. Take Solano Vera Avenue in order to connect with Provincial Road Nº338 and travel around 15 km more.

One of its main landmarks is a neo-gothic style chapel which was built in 1918. Besides, there is a golf club nationally recognized.

Some cottages surrounded by trees and hills invite tourists to explore the village from side to side. The ex-inn now is working as a restaurant and party venue. It offers exquisite traditional dishes.