San Javier

Sierra San Javier Park is a property that belongs to the National University of Tucumán. It covers 14.500 hectares. It is a mountain rainforest with a wide variety of native flora and fauna. Besides, there are several paths in order to go for walks. This is a natural reserve with forest rangers and residencies for researchers.  

Tourists will be able to observe a perfect panoramic view of the whole San Miguel de Tucumán City from San Javier, located just at 25 km (16 miles) away. This small country village with waving green hills offers a wide variety of summer residencies. San Javier is, without any doubt, the most beautiful tourist attraction due to its landscapes.

To access from the capital of the province, you should go towards Avenida Aconquija till Yerba Buena. Go up to the roundabout in “El Corte” where Provincial Road Nº 340 starts. This road is 12 km long in the mountains and it finishes in San Javier.

There is an enormous act-of-blessing Christ statue by Juan Carlos Iramain. It is 28 m tall. Being surrounded by the hills, it is one of the most famous landmarks of Tucumán. In the base of the statue, there is a small museum called “Interpretation Centre” which portrays the history of the monument and its author graphically. In addition, there is also an impressive collection of scale replicas of the most famous similar statues from Argentina and from the world.

San Javier offers a variety of accommodations and gastronomy for those who visit it. Besides, there are several handcraft stands in which tourists can buy souvenirs.

Multiple outdoors activities such as mountain biking, trekking, horse-riding, zip-line, ATV rides, can be performed on this optimal scenario.
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