Noque River Cascade

This is a highly recommended landmark of Sierra San Javier Park. Noque River Cascade portrays a beautiful image of Yungas circuit in the Argentine North.

A way down path allows tourist to immerse in a fresh and dismal atmosphere. Boundless and diverse nature guarantees a magic environment with a perfect combination between the forest and the stream of water which flows through the slippery rocks and finishes in a Cristal clear pond.  

Amazing tourist postcard of San Javier, this cascade dazzles and blends feelings causing unknown sensations.

Its entrance is located on the Provincial Road Nº 340. From the act-of-blessing Christ Statue towards North, tourists have to go on 10 km. It is possible to park there in order to walk down the path. After 600 m approximately, and crossing the river a couple of times, it is possible to observe this clear water cascade.