Not without a reason the word “Raco” means “expansion, firmament, or view”. Once tourists arrive to this summer village, they will have just in front of them the most beautiful idyllic landscape of the province. A wide variety of vegetation, small soft hillocks, the crystal-clear water rivers, many forests together with idyllic weather invite visitors to relax and forget the hectic daily routine.

It is located around 50 km (31½ miles) from San Miguel de Tucumán. Tourists are able to access to this summer village through National Road Nº 9 and after 27 km (16 ½ miles) divert to Provincial Road Nº 341 and travel approximately 25 km (16 miles) more.

One outstanding feature which catches tourists’ attention is that the streets are named with the most important names of Atahualpa Yupanqui’s songs. He was considered the most popular Argentinean folk music singer. His works have been performed by different famous Argentinean artists. Besides, a monument was built in the village in his honour.

Raco offers golf courses and “pato” courts. Pato is an Argentine sport similar to polo. What’s more, there are several options for outdoors activities, such as trekking, mountain bike and horse riding.

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