El Siambón

An enormous green grassy carpet and hills of different shades and heights rise welcome everybody to El Siambón. This small village is a perfect combination of an idyllic landscape, a persistent history and an unusual tranquility. Even the air seems different in El Siambón. The countryside smell covers this summer village all the time with pleasant temperatures.

Tourists are able to access to this summer village through National Road Nº 9 and after 27 km (16 ½ miles) divert to Provincial Road Nº 341 and travel approximately 30 km (18 1/2 miles) more.

A must-see landmark is “Cristo Rey” Monastery which belongs to the Order of St Benedicts founded in 1956. Since then, the village offers an especial atmosphere for praying and for those young men who start their religious journey with optimism. The abbey has a particular architecture. It was built with local stones on the top of a high hill. Tourists will be able to learn its history, visit the temple and try local jams made by monks for decades. Besides, liquors, jams, dulce de leche, (which is an Argentine food similar to caramel), honey as well as cosmetics and phytotherapic products, are available. All of them go with a local hallmark.

The abbey celebrates mass in different schedules. For more information call 381-4925000.

Another option to fall in love with the paths and hills are the guided horse-riding excursions through El Nogalito, an especial place for nature and camping lovers located at 10 km from the village.