Tafí Viejo

Located only at 12 km (around 8 miles) from San Miguel de Tucumán, Tafí Viejo is the national capital of lemon in Argentina. It is the biggest citrus producer and exporter in the world.

In contrast to the majority of the Argentine cities, commercial and institutional areas are not nearby the main square, but along Leandro N. Alem Avenue which is the social life reflection of this town. Other important streets are Roca Avenue, Camino del Perú and diagonal which connects this town with the capital of the province.

Tafí Viejo began as a summer village near the capital of the province. However, its growth and development were linked to the railway workshops. They brought an important source of labour, so many workers from other provinces and even from abroad moved to this town and the population grew dramatically.

The two main tourist attractions here are, first of all, The National Lemon Fest, and then The Railways Museum. The former was created in 1970. It is held every year in October in Villa Mitre Club. It last three days and during nights, the most famous Argentinean folk music artists perform. The latter, started in 2005. Its aim was to recover the objects, tools, images and part of the railway culture. That is why, desks, typewriters, a gloomy state-run box office and an old siren which used to remain everybody that the day had begun during 70 years, are exhibited on this museum.

Recently, a new municipal inn was opened. It not only functions as a hotel, but also has a restaurant and an archaeological interpretation center where you can know Tafi history and its native cultures.