El Cadillal Dam

It seems impossible to get away from the hectic city and in just 20-25 minutes be in a peaceful place surrounded by a dreamy landscape and a calm dam, but Tucumán has this possibility.  In El Cadillal, tourists can enjoy exquisite gastronomy and camping sites where they will be able to spend some time together with a perfect weather neither too cold nor too hot.

Celestino Gelsi Dam is located at just 26 km (16 ½ miles) from the capital of Tucumán. It is surrounded by Medici hill Sierra de Medina. The dyke was finished in 1965. It is 11 km long, 4 km wide and 67 m deep. Its name honoured an ex-governor of Tucumán who proposed this project.

From the capital of Tucumán, take National Road Nº9. After 20 km, change to Provincial Road Nº 347. Go along this road for 5 km until you get the dam.

El Cadillal is the best option for those who love nature. Some sports can be practiced together with local professionals, for instance, cannoning, kayaking, mountain biking, windsurfing, kite surfing and fishing. Near the lake, there is an amphitheatre which looks like a Greek theatre and El Cadillal Archaeological Museum (MAC in Spanish). The most important art collections from the north of Argentina are kept here. Different prehistoric cultures such as Candelaria, Ciénaga, Tafí, Santa María, Aguada and Cóndor huasi are exhibited.

There is also an airstrip complex. It is 600 metres long and it reaches the top of Medici hill. There, a stunning panoramic view will take your breath away. You will be able to see the rich vegetation of Sierra de Medina and a water mirror. You can have some snacks during your visit.

3 Kilometres from El Cadillal, El Saladillo viaduct is located. It was declared a Historic National Monument in 2000. This work has no previous record in Latin America. This is an amazing construction which looks like Roman models. Guillermo White approved it in 1881. However, it started to work by the end of 1883 until 1927. Visitors will be surprised by the facts that it was built with more than 5 million bricks, its bridge has 308 m long and 25 rounded arches and it is 30 m tall.

Another must-see in El Cadillal is Aguas Chiquitas Natural Wild Life Park. Located at 3 km in the eastern side of the province, in Sierras Medina, it was created in 1982 and it covers 740 hectares. Tourists will be able to be part of a once-in-a-life experience and they will know the last areas of the transition forests, this ecosystem has almost vanished. From the summer village, it is only possible to go on foot. Permissions and contact with local guides are highly recommendable.

The natural wild life park has a river which leads into three enormous water streams. One of them has a 40 m fall, thus, it becomes in a magic cascade among several trees and a wide variety of different species plants.

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