Santa Ana Nature Reserve

Located in Rio Chico Town, Santa Ana Wildlife Park was created in 1972 in order to protect Aconquija environment. It is one of the biggest wildlife parks in Tucumán. It covers between 18000 and 20000 hectares and it is the country’s southernmost area.  However, it is one of the least visited due to its difficult access.

It covers a great area of unspoilt rain-forest, forests and pastures together with more than 30 species of mammals and birds.  Local Natural Resources and Watering Management is in charge of this Park.

At the end of 1800s, these lands belonged to Santa Ana Factory, the most important agro-industrial complex in the country. It had been prosperous times for the inhabitants before 1930.  After a long period of several trials and with different owners, the factory was closed in 1979 and its three chimneys were dynamited.

From San Miguel de Tucumán, take the National Route Nº 38 up to Rio Chico town and then take the Provincial Route Nº332 around 15 km towards West.

Nowadays, this wildlife park is highly protected. That is why it does not allow constant visitors.