La Angostura Local Nature Reserve

La Angostura Dam is a water-mirror lake surrounded by mountains.  This location is easily reached through Provincial Route Nº307 towards Tafí del Valle (going through Local Wildlife Park Los Sosa). In 1996 around 1400 hectares were declared as a protected area in 1996 due to its biological importance. Its aim is to protect a wide variety of endangered aquatic and migratory birds.

La Angostura wetland is interconnected with the high Andean wetlands of Yungas and Chaqueños. That is how birds and symbolic mammals are preserved. Moreover, it is part of an Andean migratory route which links the inter-mountains valleys with Argentine, Bolivian and Peruvian Puna.

The original project was supposed to take advantage of La Angostura River by means of a damn and three hydroelectric power stations along Los Sosa River. However, only the damn was built. It is considered now as a tourist attraction for sports and birds protection which have adopted this place as a new habitat.

El Mollar and Tafí del Valle are summer villages with a wide variety of services for tourists and they are the main tourist destinations of the province.