Los Sosa Nature Reserve

Located in Monteros, this park was created in 1940. It is one of the main tourist attractions on the area.  It is easy to reach, through Provincial Road Nº307 towards Calchaqui Valleys between kilometre nº20 and nº38.

Its 890 hectares protect 18 km from 650 up to 1750 meters above sea level. Because of the bio-geographical conditions, the higher it is the less biodiversity species there is.

Inside this wildlife park, there are three different areas of Yungas.  Pedemontana jungle, or transition jungle is between 400 and 700m high. Due to human being intervention, it has the lowest conservation state. Montana Jungle is between 900 and 1400m tall; it presents local traditional species like Laurel. Montano Forest is between 1500 and 2600 meters high. Hillsides and steep gorges make the access into the wildlife park difficult. This allows nature to keep a unique preservation state.

 This area is crucial for fauna preservation.  More than 62 species of mammals, 15 amphibian species and around 115 bird species were noticed. Besides, it is part of two migratory routes: high-Andean zone and central panamericana.

There are many places for sightseeing. It is also possible to observe the river along the way.  There is not any kind of accommodation in Los Sosa. That is why it is highly recommendable to stay in El Mollar or Tafí del Valle, both of them near the reserve.