Aguas Chiquitas Nature Reserve

This local wildlife park is located at the eastern region of the province, in Burruyacú and Tafí Viejo towns next to Celestino Gelsi Dam on Medina Mountain Range. It was created in 1986. However a Biological Station with the aim of studying and researching about breeding and recovery of the local fauna had already existed. There are approximately 3300 hectares where mountain forest environment and mist pasture patches are protected.

Only 3 km away from El Cadillal, tourists will be able to live a once-in-a-life experience in which they will be in contact with the last transitional forest environment, this ecosystem has almost disappeared.  It is possible to go on foot from the summer village, but it is highly recommendable to go with a local guide.

Those who like adventure will be able to go to a river in the middle of the mountain which flows into three water streams. One of them has a 40 m tall. That is why, this place among trees and with different variety of plants is so magical.

The path is located near hydro electrical power plant next to the course of Salí River. After crossing the river and walking 2 km approximately, you will arrive to Aguas Chiquitas stream.  If you follow the path, you will be able to find the way up towards the Northwest.