Dr. Carlos Pellegrini Nature Reserve

Opened in 1994, this wildlife park is located in San Pedro de Colalao, at 94 km from San Miguel de Tucumán. Its main aim is to take care of the environment and encourage love for nature.

Tourists will be able to immerse themselves into a jungle environment with more than 150 exotic species such as toucans, Bengal tigers, flamingos, among others local species, for instance, foxes, eagles, pumas and tapirs.

It takes around two hours to walk around the park. Families can enjoy this park while they are delighted by the Yunga landscapes.

There are picnic areas and bathrooms around the park. There is also a chapel and a multiple-use room.  Students from different institutions, families and tourists could visit it during the whole year since 9:00 a.m. to 7 p.m.