Peñas (Folk Bars)

If someone visits Tucumán and they do not go to folk pubs known as peñas, they will feel something is missing.  Every year, more and more people choose these pubs with local and folk style.

Besides the traditional folk music, tourists can enjoy a local food and the taste of a special wine.  Musician from Tucumán and other parts of the country sing and dance zambas and chacareras in these pubs and live the traditions in the North of Argentina.

El Alto de La Lechuza
Address: 24 de Septiembre and Marco Avellaneda
Tel: (0381) 4218940 - 156788696
Open: Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

La 9 Peña y Restobar
Address: 9 de Julio 345
Tel: (0381) 4224183/ 3816417548
Open: All week

La Casa de Yamil
Address: España 153
Tel: (0381) 4228487/ 3814174321
Open: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

El Aljibe
Address: Las Heras y Crisóstomo Alvarez
Tel: (0381) 155080128 - 155850860
Open: all week

Peña Nuestra Identidad
Address: 9 de Julio 162- De la Paz theater
Tel: (381) 155699528
Open: Friday