It is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a premier with the family, couple or friends.  In Tucumán, there are many high quality rooms in the city centre or Yerba Buena.   

Atlas Cinema
Address: Monteagudo 250
Phone: (54 381) 4220825
San Miguel de Tucuman

Address: Av Roca 3450 (Libertad Supermarket)
Phone: (54 381) 436-1862
San Miguel de Tucuman
Listings: http://

Sunstar Cinemas
Address: Universo and Cariola (Portal Tucuman shopping)
Phone: (54 381) 4357463
Yerba Buena

Del Solar Cinemas
Address: Av. Aconquija 1300 (Solar del Cerro Shopping)
Phone: (54 381) 4253050
Yerba Buena
Listing: http://