Alisos Field National Park

If tourists really want to discover the jungle and the forest, they must visit Alisos Field National Park.  On the eastern slope of the Nevados del  Aconquija Hills, this park covers from 847 to 5,200 meters above the sea level. It has around 17,000 hectares.

It was founded in 1995 in order to preserve a representative area which covers Yungas and High Andes eco-regions. They highlight very important transitional environments.  It is the only National Park with a citadel, barrel and an Inca path inside.

The most important nearby city is Concepción, around 30 km away. All services are available there.  Alpachiri is a small town which has basic services for tourists. It is at 12 km away. From this place, you can access to the park only with utilitarian vehicles (4x4) or walking through Jaya River, if the weather conditions are appropriate. If it’s raining it is recommended not to cross

There are three organized circuits for visitors. However, a previous condition is to check in with the forest ranger.  These circuits are:

La Mesada: a picturesque place located at 1,680 m above the sea level.  The road goes through Montana forest area where the biological diversity is amazing; arriving later to the Montano forest.   From the park entrance, the ascent takes between 5 and 6 hours.  It is highly recommendable to plan this trip in advanced together with an expert in order to enjoy it fully.

La Cascada: this place is located at 2,700 m above the sea level. After going through the Montana Jungle and Meadow, the Andean Pasture begins. It is considered one of the most beautiful panorama views on the area.  From the park entrance, this circuit takes two days. From “La Mesada”, it takes 7 hours walking.  It is crucial condition to contact the Park prior days to the trip in order to arrange the departure with the local forest ranger.  High mountain excursions must always be made together with the local guides.

Archaeological Remains of the Citadel or The Old Town: Some researches have shown that the remains belong to the south side of the Inca Empire.  They are stepped precincts built on the edges of the mountains around a rectangular ceremonial spot with 40m wide and 60 m long. It is called “Kalasasaya” in Inca language.  “The Door of the Sun” is located there. It is the place where Incas used to measure the summer solstice exactly (every December 21st) It is situated at 4,400 m above the sea level and surrounded by breath-taking landscapes where the risk of high altitude weather can be appreciated. It can be snowy most part of the year.  This circuit requires being really fit and also some training of mountain climbing.  Ascent takes four days to the top and three days to come back.  As it was mentioned before, La Ciudacita requires going with a local guide so visitors must contact the park prior days.

Along the park, visitors will be able to see some buildings which were former ranches with an age of more than 100 hundred years.  There are some camping areas on the Park.

For more information or to announce your arrival, you can contact directly to the National Park Administration: (03865) 15405985 / (03865) 15405987.