Cochuna Park

The word “Cochuna” comes from Quechua and it means the gorge where people can go through. Its name coincides with the geographical characteristics of the area which portrays that the Cochuna River gorge is the easiest place to access to the high and low valleys on the central area of Los Nevados del Aconquija.

Cochuna Provincial Park belongs to the South Circuit and it could be visited through the National Route Nº365. Once the tourists arrive to Alpachiri town, where the pavement finishes, they have to go along a dirt road for 20 km to reach the entrance.

It is highly recommendable to visit the park on horseback while the mountaineering excursions are an ideal alternative for more adventured tourists. They will be able to reach the high peaks in Aconquija Mountain or the highest summit in Tucumán called El Calivillo de los Cerrillos. It is at 5,550 metres above the sea level.

Vegetation will delight tourists and they will feel embraced by horco molles, laurels, walnut trees and a wide variety of ferns. Weather allows tourists to visit it during the whole year.  The area portrays remarkable attributes. That is why it is called the fantasy forest due to the abundant vegetation and the paths along the subtropical forest.

In Cochuna, tourists will be able to visit Sammay Cochuna Educational Campsite which in indigenous language means “place to relax”. The Physical Education National Department” is in charge of this place.  There are cabins, gazebos, bathrooms, electrical power and campsites.  Samay Cochuna is a picturesque place. That is why it is the most attractive alternative for adventure tourism.