Motor Racing

In Tucumán, Motor Racing gathers together car lovers from all the country so that they can go around and get to know different landscapes, circuits and history.  There are several amazing races which surprise pilots who drive on them.  Tucumán Sport Motor Race Federation is the organization who regulates the activity in the province. Different modalities are: provincial rally, autocross, land kart and pavement kart.

Provincial rally is one of the most important of Argentina.  It takes between four and five days and it has thousands of followers.  Both local and national drivers take part on it. 

Motor race is a great passion around the province.  Every event is held in different towns, this attracts thousands of local people.  It is an event suitable for everybody. 

Both land and pavement karts increase more and more fans. There is even an international Kart track where different tournaments are carried out.

Kart Circuit El Timbó: Tel (0381) 156421399