Cycling and Mountain Bike

Either bicycle rides or similar sports can be practice in this province. There are several places to practice and more and more people are taking into.

Mountain bike paths are surrounded by stunning mountains and rivers. Participants measure their strength and skills in a natural environment while they are exploring flora and fauna in Tucumán.

Many professional competitors are from this province. Moreover, the paths are well-known in the Northwest of Argentina.  There is an annual competition hold in different paths around the province, which call up participants from the whole country. Without any doubt, the most important event is called “Trasmontaña” which means in the middle of the mountains. Local, national and international bikers take part in this competition.

There are other ways to practice such as down-hill, cross country or rural cross. Some of the most famous paths are: Americana Circuit in Horco Molle, the path from San Javier to La Sala, the Rubber Tree Circuit, also in Horco Molle, among others.

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