This town is located at 53 km in the southwest of the Capital of Tucumán. Monteros is the main town of the namesake district. It is well-known as “The Folk Music Fortress”. Besides, it was declared national capital of lace trimmings. They are usually in tapestry of interwoven colours introduced in the colonial era.

In order to arrive at this town, the Provincial Route Nº 301 should be taken until Famaillá district and then, connect with National Route Nº 38 or it is possible to go directly from the Capital of Tucumán through the national road already mentioned.

Sugar industry is the main local economic base. Moreover, Monteros stands out for being an excellence area of sugar cane, lemon, strawberry and blueberry farming. Due to weather and geographical conditions of the North of Argentina, they can ripe during the whole year in comparison with other international markets.

The outstanding landmarks in Monteros are the main square called Bernabé Aráoz, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary church, Bartolomé Mitre Library and local products and handcrafts from the north market which is held during July.

There are also many wildlife parks in this district. The most famous are La Florida, Los Sosa and Quebrada del Portugués. Besides, it is highly recommendable to visit Ibatín remains where San Miguel de Tucumán was founded first. For more information about this landmarks click on: