It is the capital city of the namesake district, located at 110 km (68 ½ miles) towards the southwest of San Miguel de Tucumán. Both the town and the district were named to honor the famous legal, economist and political writer Juan Bautista Alberdi. It is one of the cities with the greatest growth at the south of the province. Visitors have to take the National Route Nº 38 in order to arrive there.

In its early stages, there were some houses until the railway arrived. As a consequence, the town grew socially and economically. Nowadays, the local economy is based on agriculture, livestock and trade activities.

Those who would like to visit this incredible town should visit San José Church in the main square and the municipal archaeological museum.

In Alberdi district, we should not forget to mention Escaba dam which is an important tourist attraction in the south of Tucumán.