Abra del Infiernillo

El Infiernillo (its equivalent in English would be Small Hell) is located 3042 m above sea level. It is well-known because it is the highest point at Calchaquies Valleys, through Provincial Route Nº 307. It is located 130 km (81 miles) from San Miguel de Tucumán, 22 km (14 miles) to the north of Tafí del Valle and 31 km (20 miles) to the south of Amaicha del Valle. It is characterized by a small handcraft store where handcraft products and typical food can be found. Its lovely landscapes will delight all those who visit this place. Besides, native flora and fauna can be contemplated.  
El Infiernillo is the entrance to Cumbres Calchaquíes Provincial Park which is the biggest protected area in the province. Nowadays, it has 82000 hectares.