Where are the Tourist information centres?
- Information Centre (Central Office)484 , 24 de Septiembre Street - In front of the Independence Square(0381) 4303644/ 4222199 informes@tucumanturismo.gob.ar
- Information Centre (Tucumán Bus Station) 250  BrígidoTerán Avenue- (0381) 4304895
- Tucuman representation at Buenos Aires - 140 Suipacha Street - (011) 43220564 - casaenbsas@tucumanturismo.gob.ar 

 What are the best excursion to do and how to do them?
Each circuit explains step by step how to go around on your own if you have a vehicle. In case you do not have one, check the service tap, there are the Receptive Agencies that leave every day from San Miguel de Tucumán to the different tourist circuits.
Where can I eat traditional local food?
Tucumán is not only History, tradition and valleys.  It is also the best gastronomy. There are traditional local food such as empanadas, locro, humitaand tamal. In the gastronomy tab, you can find the places where local food is offered. You can also find dishes from different nationalities and vegetarian options.
 What are the main landmarks?
 Historical House, Celestino Gelsi Dyke and its archaeological Museum, Simoca Exhibition or the Quilmes Remains are some of the must-see landmarks. There are also 5 circuits well organized so that tourist can take advantage and optimize their time in the province.
What are the main events in the Province?
 If you want to know the different activities on the province, you can check our calendar in the web site which is daily updated.
How many days should I stay?
There are 5 must-see circuits, so you will need at least 5 days.  However, there are a lot of activities for different tastes (adventure or rural tourism among others). They can take you more time.
 Where can I stay?
 There is a wide variety of accommodations, for instance, hotels, cabins, rural ranches, etc. they all offer different budgets. Check the list of accommodations in this web site.
 What clothes should I wear?
 In winter, you will only need a couple of light sweaters and a jacket.  While in summer, sleeveless jacket is enough. It is also recommendable to wear loose clothes, preferably cotton and a hat.
 What is the weather like in Tucumán?
 You do not need to worry much about the weather in Tucumán. Summers are rather hot and pleasant winters. The garden of the republic invites you to breathe the nature and be in contact with the city no matter the season. You will always be allowed to visit the city, rivers and valleys in a comfortable and relaxed way. Spring and autumn are warm, generally with fresh winds from the south. Temperatures are around 25ºC and during summer it can exceed 40ºC, while in winter, it is around 10ºC or less.
 What can I do if it rains?
 Tucumán offers different indoor actives in case the weather is not appropriate. Some of them are: shopping centres, cinemas, or visits to the different museums of the city.
What means of transport can I use?
 Tucumán airport is called Benjamin Matienzo where different flights come from Buenos Aires and Córdoba provinces.
For those who like driving and come from Buenos Aires, the main access route is National Route No. 157, which arrives on the southeast from Santiago del Estero and Córdoba. Another option is from the City of Buenos Aires, through Rosario by National Route No. 9 (Pan-Americana Escobar branch), shorten path by National Route No. 34 to Santiago del Estero and from there again by National Route No. 9 to San Miguel de Tucumán. From the north of the country, the route is National Route No. 9, while the south access is National Route No. 38.
Train is another option from Capital Federal. And there are also different bus companies that come to our province from every province.

 Urban buses
 Both urban buses and interurban lines operate with an electronic card system. Visitors can choose between two types of cards, rechargeable or disposable.
- RECHARGABLE: ID number is required and then you can charge money indefinitely. It is resistant material, similar to a credit or debit card.
- DISPOSABLE:  It is similar to credit or cell phone cards.  It is a recommended service for tourists or for those who eventually travel by bus. It can be reloaded up to twice only, when there is a reminder that does not cover the value of a trip. If you want to check the card sale spots you can enter http://www.ciudadana.com.ar/puntos-de-venta.html
The minimum urban ticket costs $15.30, while the interurban varied between $16 and $25.