Padilla House

An enormous house which belonged to Don Ángel Padilla is located in the heart of the city, in front of the main square. He and his wife, Lastenía Frías, were one of the most traditional families in Tucumán.

The house was built in 1860. It is one of the most notable examples of Italian architecture of those times, with Corinthian pilasters, vegetable moldings and four pointed arches.

There are 15 rooms in this building which is well-known as “sausage house” due to its distribution. Four consecutive patios are surrounded by the rooms. Besides, there is a typical water reservoir in the second patio. Walls were witnesses of history for more than a century. At the beginning, the house was divided in two. Nowadays, only the north side reminds. It has been considered a museum since 1976.

A whole art collection stays in the house. There are pieces of decorative art, oriental art, European, Oriental and Egyptian items, important oil paintings by Molenaer, Castiglioni o Falcucci. Besides, there are ancient pieces of furniture which belonged to Don Ángel Padilla and other famous people from Tucumán.

This house was declared Historical National Monument in 2001.

Address: 36, 25 de Mayo Street – San Miguel de Tucumán

Telephone: +54-9-381-4319147