The Nougués House

This is the perfect example of the French architectural new style, called “Petit Hotel”. The Nougués house is located in 484 24 de Septiembre (September 24th) Street. This picturesque house was built in 1911 by the architect José de Bassols. It used to be the residency of Governor Luis F. Nougués. There are four floors in which stratify the different areas of the house.

In 1972, the province obtained the house in order to give it to Tourism Secretariat. Nowadays, Tucuman Tourism Self-Governing Entity works there. Visitors will be able to ask any kind of information about the province during their staying.

Address: 484, 24 de Septiembre Street  – San Miguel de Tucumán

Telephone: +54-9-381-4222199 extension 109