Ibatín Local Park

Located in Monteros Town, Ibatín Local Park was created in 1965. It has approximately 120 hectares in order to preserve the place where San Miguel de Tucumán was once founded.  This Park is one of the most important archaeological places in South America with regard to the early colonial period.

Diego de Villarroel founded the city in 1565 on the banks of Pueblo Viejo River in the middle of the jungle.  Founding plans were carried out like a checkerboard with a main square in the middle, similar to the Hispanic American cities which were founded during XVI and XVII centuries.   Constant floods, malaria fevers and the last plan for the Alto del Perú route were some of the causes because of the city had to move 120 year later. Thus, there was a second foundation.

 In 1965, the first archaeological excavations showed the main square foundations, the old town council and church, which testify that Jesuits were living in Tucumán. Later, a wrought Spanish metal jar was found. It had been stolen and recovered many years later. It was found by a historian from Tucumán. Tourists can appreciate this jar in Nicolas Avellaneda Historical Provincial Museum.

Ibatín is located in León Rouges, 6 km away from Monteros Town.  To visit this place, take Provincial Road Nº 325, cross the Pueblo Viejo Bridge, turn left and go on along the dirt road.  After 5 km, you will arrive to Ibatín.  There is no direct public transport from the capital city.  You can go by car or you can go to Monteros and then take a rural taxi.