La Florida Local Park

Located at 60 km from San Miguel de Tucumán, La Florida National Park offers amazing sceneries full of history with original Yungas environment which is breath-taking.

This is the first provincial protected area created in the country. It was opened in 1936 by the provincial law Nº1646.

The park is located between Capitan Caceres and Sargento Moya towns. You can take the Provincial Route Nº 324 (between-town road) from Famaillá. After the first village around 30 km approximately, you should go on 3 o 4 km in order to arrive to the garden centre.

La Florida covers around 14,000 hectares. It is one of the last transitional jungle remains in plain areas. Large areas have been covered with farming or houses.  Besides the plain areas, there are also some mists pasture areas from 550 to 5,400 above the sea level. Around 39 different mammal species can be seen and 58 different birds.

The between-town road goes along the park. Thus, the plane area is divided in two. To the east, there is a garden centre together with an ancient tree forest.  It covers around 300 hectares. There are picnic and camping areas and self-guided paths. This is a special place to be in contact with local flora and fauna.

To the west, there is a restricted area. There are some interesting paths with Pre-Hispanic archaeological sites.

Madonna lily field is a must-see tour.  During the second fortnight in October, this beautiful flower blooms creating a reddish and orange carpet which covers the mountains.  This is the best spot for sightseeing. Madonna lily is considered a wild plant which is easily seen from Salta to Catamarca.

For extended trips, contact Provincial Flora and Fauna Department: 0381-4218150.