Craftsman Route - Tafí Del Valle

Craftsman Route was created in 2008 in Tafí del Valle by Tucumán Tourism Entity. The main purposes were to recover, develop and promote traditional craftwork activities on the valleys. Thus, origin and quality of each piece of work were guaranteed through a demanding selection together with an authenticity certificate.

Cultural value is revitalized on these craftworks. It takes into account an almost forgotten identity.  Nowadays, there are more than 20 craftsmen in Tafí del Valle. They live in rural areas. Most of them were born there and they belong to the Diaguitas Calchaquiés original people.

Craftworks allow us to rediscover an unburied culture, shaped on leather, wool, clay and stones among other ancient materials.

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Rustic Furniture

Manuel Cancino
Address: La Oyadita de la Quebradita del Muñoz - Las Carreras
Tel: (0381) 153501003

Urban Craftworks

Urban craftworks are produced with the local raw material. They arise from the popular inventiveness and they are inspired by the cultural universality.

Aromas del Valle – Valeria
Address: Mercado Artesanal Museo Jesuítico La Banda
Tel: (0381) 156800089

Carved Stones

Carved stones are a millennial art with Diaguita-Chalchaquí symbols.

Alberto Gutierrez
Address: Estancia Los cuartos
Tel: (0381) 155480427 – You should call before your visit

Rosendo Cancino
Address: La Oyadita de la quebradita del Muñoz - Las Carreras
Tel: (0381) 153663226


Leather items are other distinguished craftworks on the valleys. Craftsmen soften the leather and then they peel it, harden and used it in order to create the most exquisite works.  Argentine leathers are considered the highest quality in the world because livestock breeding are outdoors in a natural landscape.

El Paisano Talabartero
Address: Pje. Malvinas s/nº - La Banda
Tel. (0381) 155081615


Manufacturing processes are quite similar to those used in pre-Hispanic times: a technique called “chorizo” (a traditional food similar to a sausage) is used. Craftsmen produce a spiral from the base with different diameter and height.  Walls are smoothed inside and outside with fingers or a wooden, cane or metal pieces.  Clay is placed in oven with 800ºC. Once clay turns red, it is taken out. But that is not all, saturated atmospheric technique requires two days at rest before taking the piece out of the oven in order to cover it with wax and to preview the unique designs on it.

Mayumama - Valeria Campitelli
Address: Teresa de Calcuta S/Nº - El Churqui
Tel: (0385) 154123649

Los Suris Pottery
Address: Felix Sosa s/nº -  Bº San Cayetano
Tel: (0381) 155633593 / (03867) 421442

Ramona Luna
Address: Pje. ElirioTolaba s/n - El Churqui
Tel: (03867) 15607012

Textile Handcraft

Knitting is one of the most representative local craftworks. Frameworks are made of sheep wool and llama fur.  Different colours are used, such as, molle tree, walnut tree, rhubarb, soot, among others. They all come from the local flora. Craftsmen print their designs on tapestry, blankets and clothes.

Waist, shovel, comb or pedal looms portray Hispanic and American traditions which are widespread Tafí del Valle. Colours and embroideries combinations represent the natural beauty in each craftwork.

Warmipura Group
Opening hours: Wednesdays to Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Tel: 3814192079

Jessica Flores
Address: Mercado Artesanal Museo  Jesuítico La Banda
Opening hours: from Wednesdays to Sundays from  10 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. 
Tel:  3815293987

Juguetes Artesanales (Handcrafted toys)
Address: Mercado Artesanal Museo Jesuítico La Banda
Tel: (0381) 156800089

Manos Creativas (Creative Hands)
Address: Mercado Artesanal Museo Jesuítico La Banda
Tel: (0381) 156800089

El Remate
Address: Provincial Route Nº 325 (on the way to the waterfall) - Las Carreras
Tel: (0381) 156748484

Volver a lo Nuestro
Address: Mercado Artesanal Museo Jesuítico La Banda
Tel: (0381) 153371006

Ruta del Tejido (knitwear route)
Address: Provincial Route Nº 307 km. 61
Tel: (0381) 155181486


Los Alisos
Address: Provincial Route Nº 325 (on the way to the waterfall) - Las Carreras
Tel: (0381) 153070721 

NC Artesanías
Address:  Provincial Route Nº 325 - La Banda
Tel: (03867) 421631 / (0381) 156292196

Address: Mercado Artesanal Museo Jesuítico La Banda
Tel: (0381) 6800089

Useful Information

San Miguel de Tucumán is located at 107 km away from Tafí del Valle through a mountain route with steep ledges.

Two hours by car.

It takes three hours by bus approximately with Aconquija bus company (Contact: 0381 - 4227620).

The last CNG station is in Acheral Town. There are petrol/gas stations in Tafí del Valle

It is possible to go on the craftsman tour on your own car or you can sign up for the service at “La Cumbre” - Contact: 03867 421768. Bear in mind distances are far apart from each other. If you decide to go on the tour on foot, it is highly recommendable to wear comfortable clothes and trainers due to gravel roads.

It is highly recommendable to take some cash with you. Many craftsmen do not have debit or credit cards systems. ATMs are available in town.

You can also visit a craftsman tour market on Provincial Route Nº 325 in Jesuitic Museum in La Banda. From Thursday to Sundays. From 10 a.m. To 5 p.m.


In the Craftsman Tour, tourists will be able to meet different stores/shops.

- El Ojito del Rodeo. Craftwork Market –Jesuitic Museum from La Banda Tel.: 54-9-03867-15607024
- Todo Caserito (homemade) La Ovejería Tel.: 54-9-0381-155559476
- Tita’s - Rural House El Rodeo Grande- Provincial Route Nº 325 Tel.: 54-9- 0381-156524063
- Inti Watana- El Churqui, Teresa de Calcuta S/Nº.
- Campo del Molino: Provincial Route Nº 307 km Nº 57. Tel.: 54-9- 0381-154092930
- Guiados por la Pachamama-Eco-Farm Provincial Route Nº 307 km Nº 68.
- Hermanos Ibañez: El Mollar- Casas Viejas. Tel. 011-1554766691