Visiting the garden of the Republic is easy: you can get by plane, car, bus, and even train. There are many options:

Tucuman’s Airport is called Benjamín Matienzo. It receives regular flights from Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Lima, Santiago de Chile and San Pablo.

For those who enjoy travelling by car along Argentinean’s routes and are coming from Buenos Aires, the main route, National Route 157, enters the province from the Southeast, from Santiago del Estero and Córdoba.

Another option is travelling from Buenos Aires via Rosario on Route 9 (Panamericana Highway, Escobar Exit). This way, you can shorten the distance using NR 34 to Santiago del Estero, and then taking NR 9 to San Miguel de Tucuman.

From Argentina’s North, you can get to Tucuman on NR 9, and from Argentina’s South, you can travel on NR 38.

Taking the Train is another option to come from the Capital of Buenos Aires. There are, also several bus companies that get to our province from all over the country.